First and foremost, I believe in the importance of relationships. It’s why you’re getting married, why a familial bond is a part of all of us, and why friendship is such a gift. Relationships are the heart of ATP and I strive to build a beautiful one with each and every client. When we are together on your wedding day, it'll feel like we're old friends.

After our initial communication, the first thing we'll do is get together in person. Over some delicious coffee (my treat), we’ll chat and learn about one another. (If we aren’t able to meet in person, a Skype or FaceTime date works just fine!) During our chat, I’ll ask you how you met and fell in love with your spouse-to-be and about your wedding day plans, but I’ll also ask about your favorite room in your house, where you like to vacation, and what you like to watch or read. Getting to know you is a vital part of my process because I want the images I take to intertwine with you and your personality.

When we are together as photographer and client, we’re going to have an incredible time. Belly laughs, adventuring, and real love — how could anything involving that not be full of joy?!