January 10, 2018

Hampton Park Anniversary Session

Intentional: done on purpose; deliberate.

When I think of Haley and Eric, that’s the word that comes to mind. Love flows out of every interaction they share — and you can’t help but feel it, like really feel it, when you’re with them! They celebrate one another in such a beautiful way, so it was obviously an immense joy to get together with them for an anniversary session. Charleston’s Hampton Park was an obvious choice for our location — those gorgeous live oak trees add the perfect backdrop for a little romance.

Oh, one last thing. The way they smile when they look at each other? That’s 100% them and 100% real. See more 100% real work here.

Hampton Park, Charleston, South Carolina

Engaged couple under oak tree in Hampton Park
Young engaged couple embraced in Hampton Park

Film Processing: The Find Lab

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It was such a joy to see this session featured over at The White Wren!
Thanks for celebrating love, y’all.

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