January 2, 2018

Intimate Regatta Inn Wedding at Folly Beach

What better way to start out 2018 than by sharing a wedding so sweet that it could put sugar out of business?

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That’s what I think of when I reminisce about Sara and Nick’s wedding day on Folly Beach.

When Sara was looking for her wedding photographer, she and I met for coffee and I was so moved by the way she spoke of Nick and how excited she was for them to spend their lives together. (She’s one of those people that truly is as lovely inwardly as she is outwardly!) Nick and I met the day of their engagement session and I said to myself, “Yep. That makes sense,” because Nick is equally as kind and caring. Throughout their engagement session, whether or not they were in front of the camera, they interacted so beautifully and lovingly with one another, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Needless to say, I was just a little excited when their day came around. Sara got ready at her sister’s beautiful Folly Beach home (that sister was also Sara’s lovely bridesmaid!) and Nick was hanging out with his brother and friends at The Regatta Inn, where the wedding and reception were held. The wedding was beautifully planned by the Chauncey and her fabulous team with Bouquets and Bowties, and Sara looked impeccable in a stunning combination from Kate McDonald Bridal. Sara and Nick’s day was filled to the brim with love, laughter, and truly touching moments — which is nothing short of what I expected with two people like Sara and Nick.

Before we get to the photos, I just have to fill you in on a part of the day that will forever stay with me. Nick had given Sara a gift to open that morning, and when she opened it, she realized it was a journal in which Nick had written love letters to her leading up to their wedding day. As Sara told her mom, her sister, and me what it was…let’s just say there were some tears. There are many things that make a wedding, but love that displays that sort of thoughtfulness, well, that makes a marriage.

Regatta Inn, Folly Beach, South Carolina

photo showing Regatts Inn and view of boats at Sunset Cay Marina

Bridesmaids helping bride into her dress at her Regatta Inn Wedding

Palmetto tree outside Regatta Inn, with boats at the Sunset Cay marina in the background

Bride and groom exchange vows on the lawn at their Regatta Inn Wedding

The day included some incredible vendors:

Venue: The Regatta Inn
Dress Shop:  Lula Kate
Dress Design: Kate Mcdonald
Nick’s Tux:  J. Crew
Florist: Tiger Lily
DJ: Nick Eilerman from EPIC Charleston
Caterer: Swig and Swine
Rental Company: Snyder Events
Cupcakes: Sugar Bakeshop
Hair and Makeup: Lashes and Lace
Day of Planner: Bouquets and Bowties Charleston
Invitations: Dodeline Design
Transportation: Graffiti Limo
Film Processing: The Find Lab
Photographer: Alex Thornton Photography

Thank you to Coastal Bride for featuring this wedding!

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