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Your celebration is one-of-a-kind and requires an all-encompassing experience tailored to meet your exact needs. Each client receives a custom offering based on the photography coverage required for the events of the weekend. If you or your planner want to schedule a phone call, please get in touch.

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When working with Alex, you not only get a photographer who loves what she does, but loves individuals as well. Serving her clients is a joy and a thrill, and making sure they and their wedding guests are comfortable and feel like themselves in front of her camera is paramount. Over hundreds of weddings, Alex has worked hand-in-hand with her clients and their planners to ensure that wedding photography is an incredible, unforgettable experience. 

Extraordinary Imagery

Creating heirloom-quality, honest, and stunning images is Alex’s passion in life. For more than a decade, she has created and delivered masterful photographs to her clients. Throughout a wedding, she is continuously looking for the unique moments that makes a wedding day exactly what it is—the moments the couple wants to remember for life.

We adore working with Alex Thornton. From the moment you meet her you will see why we love her so! Alex is pure joy on wedding day. Her calming demeanor is just what you need, her attention to every detail is why she is such a great partner on a wedding day, and her spirit to serve are just a few reasons why we highly recommend her! Most importantly, the work she delivers after your wedding day will bring you right back to all of the joy and emotions of the entire experience! 

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